“Going Global!”

Mary was round the other week for drinks and we were having a big deep and meaningful about how my dating progress had been getting pretty depressing. Nobody was more surprised than I when an idea popped into my head. As I sat there, my eyes lit up and I got to my feet triumphantly yelling “Eureka!”.

After looking at me for a few moments with a confused frown, Mary asked me to elaborate and I told her…I had an idea.

All this time, I’ve been looking for someone in my own back yard but it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s time I started thinking a little bigger. So, I decided to start dating through my webcam, because that way it doesn’t matter where somebody lives – I shouldn’t be excluding anyone just because of location. They say there are plenty more fish in the sea and I think Wellington’s supply has been depleted, so I’m going to start fishing in international waters!

Last week, I had my first date with a guy called Tim from Auckland. He was a doctor working in Colombia and it didn’t really go that well as he thought marriage was a cult. Maybe I put him off by answering the phone to my mum but it was the seventh time she’d called me and I just needed to get rid of her! I generally try to avoid talking to her as much as possible, her heart’s in the right place I guess but it all gets a little suffocating sometimes when she calls me everyday!

Anyway, I’m going on my next date soon with a guy called Zac from Timaru and he sounds nice, we’ve been emailing back and forth to sort a time to iChat.

Oh, that’s the door, must be Mary…

Alice xoxo

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