“You can’t start a relationship built on lies!”

So, a couple of months ago my best friend Mary and I decided it’s time I tried online dating. I signed up to one of those websites, setup my profile and began talking to a few guys online. The thing is, I’ve either been incredibly unlucky with the results or Ashton Kutcher is about to jump out and tell me I’ve been “Punk’d” – personally, I’ve got a strong preference for the latter but a sneaking suspicion the former is in fact the case!

Most of the guys I met online seemed nice enough so I sent them a few smiles and messages. There was this one guy in particular called Chris who I’d been messaging with for a few weeks and decided to meet up in person. He was a total babe in his profile pic so we arranged to meet up for coffee at Mojo on Wakefield St. The thing was, on arrival I walked straight past him and didn’t realise who he was until he came over and told me that he was Chris.

I stood there frozen like a deer in the headlights, did my eyes deceive me? As it turns out, no; he’d put a picture of his favourite football player Cristiano Ronaldo up on his profile and forgot to say he didn’t look like that at all. If anything, I guess this is a very good reason for me to brush up on my soccer because I didn’t even know who Cristiano Ronaldo was until I googled him when I got home!

Chris wasn’t really ugly or anything, but I’m also not shallow enough to only want someone who’s drop-dead gorgeous, I just thought it was pretty dishonest for someone to have a picture that looks nothing like them on a dating website where that picture is actually supposed to be of you! If they’re willing to lie about something as basic as that, it makes you wonder what else they’d do and I don’t think a good relationship can be built on lies.

I’ve had about 25 dates from this dating website so far and they just don’t seem to be getting any better, are there any normal single guys in Wellington or are they all taken?

Has anyone else tried online dating? If you have, did you ever have a face-to-face meeting with someone who looked nothing like their profile pic?

Alice xoxo

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